What We Do

DIR guides family offices through every facet of direct investing, from initial evaluation through exit.

DIR does only one thing: assisting its clients with their direct investments

Objective, rigorous diligence, deal structuring, and deal management through liquidity

Experienced evaluation tech-driven companies

Assessment of commercialization paths

Deal Structuring and syndicate building for initial and follow-on investments

Reserving properly for follow-on investments

Serving on boards

Guiding investments to liquidity and return generation

Evaluating investment strategy relative to the company's financing plans

Contextualizing investments relative to asset allocation and investment goals

Constructing portfolios to optimize diversification and return

Evaluating fund investments and co-investments

Evaluating investments in the GP of a private equity or VC firm

Evaluating and purchasing secondary interests directly or via funds

Early Through Growth

A Diverse Global Network

DIR's network is global and highly diverse, including industry decision-makers in communications, information technology, automation, robotics, and media. In finance, the DIR network includes venture capitalists, family offices and multifamiliy offices, OCIOs, endowments and pension funds as well as investment bankers and public fund managers. And in academia it includes some of the most prominent scientists and innovators in robotics, automation, materials science and synthetic biology. This network can be brought to bear on tough diligence questions, to de-risk investments and create business opportunities for portfolio companies.

DIR also has a network of trusted legal, tax and technical professionals around the world with which it works on all types of private investments.

Direct Investment Resources is:

  • not an investment banker promoting investment opportunities -- instead, we help you sort wheat from chaff in the context of your interests and investment strategy. DIR will share its own deal when it is a good fit with client needs. When (and only when) it is explicitly approved, DIR will share opportunities among its client base.

  • not focused only on due diligence -- we start with initial evaluation and intensive due diligence but then bring discipline and rigor to deal structure, follow-on investments, board seats, and liquidity.

  • not limited to early-stage or technology opportunities

Aligned Economics

DIR does not take a management fee. Diligence and deal fees are handled on a retainer or day-rate basis per client preference. Most of DIR's compensation comes from its profits interest so its interests align with those of its clients.

Stewardship Alignment Returns