Are you?...

  • Considering co-investments with a fund manager or syndicate?

  • Considering new direct investments?

  • Holding a portfolio of direct investments that may need optimization?

  • Making a decision on a partial or full exit for a private position?

  • Considering how to optimize visibility and influence in your direct investments?

DIR's clients include

  • Family Offices

  • Multifamily Offices

  • OCIOs

  • Investment advisers and wealth managers

Direct Investment Resources has been an indispensable partner as we tackle the exciting but challenging world of direct investments.

Randy is conversant with emerging technologies and his knowledge of the intricacies of venture investing is comprehensive. From deal structure to exit, he's been an invaluable resource.

We wouldn't do a direct deal or co-invest without DIR.

-- Principal, Single Family Office

Randy is a thoughtful, creative investor who is both well connected and well known within the venture capital community. He helped Signature build up it capabilities in short order and both represented us extraordinarily well while educating our firm on the space broadly and managers specifically. I do hope we get to work together in the future.

-- David Jallits, CIO Duchossois Family Office (former CIO of multifamily office Signature Family Wealth Advisors)

"Randy was supportive, insightful, communicative, and brought a comprehensive understanding for and appreciation of the intricacies of funding a company such as ours. It was rewarding to talk with someone who took the time to explore some of the nuances of our situation, both past, present and future, and who is willing to think of investment strategies that involve a range of possible partners. "

--- CEO, medical device company

As a Bug Labs Board member, Randy has been a tireless supporter, strategic thinker and personal mentor. His ability to quickly identify key issues and offer keen, practical insights has been a major component of our success. He is a proactive, open-minded investor that recognizes the benefits of close collaboration with his portfolio companies. In addition, his diverse background and wide range of interests provides a cross-pollination of ideas from many sources that I have found very useful.

-- Peter Semmelhack, CEO of Bug Labs

Randy has been a key mentor to me and external advocate for the company during his time on the Automated Insights Board. He'll ask the hard questions and engage in healthy debate, but ultimately is supportive of the CEO.

-- Robbie Allen, CEO Infinia ML (former CEO, Automated Insights)

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